Independence Day Sale 2021


We have sales on DMOS and Diode Dynamics going on this week!


Diode Dynamics - Enjoy 15% off of ALL Diode Dynamics products store-wide

  • Prices are already adjusted!
  • No product pricing exclusions (even the new C1 is on sale!).
  • We have access to the full catalog so if you want map lights, license plate lights, etc we have got you covered (just shoot us a PM).
  • Toyota Kits can be found HERE (Light Bars and OEM Fog Replacements)
    • We can get all Makes/Models and website will show them as we continue to build out
  • Individual Pods (SS3/SSC2/SSC1) HERE
  • Stage Series Light Bars HERE
  • Technical data analysis on Fog Light competitors currently in the market HERE
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**Diode Dynamics Supply Chain and Pre-Order Notices:
    • SSC2 - The SSC2 has been facing supply issues from day 1 varying from quality control issues from a previous supplier to most recently an entire truck of castings going missing. Please note that orders placed now for SSC2s are looking at approximately 6-8 weeks of lead time unless we have them on hand. We have SOME on hand, but have not received a shipment in a few months. Please reach out to us directly if you are on a time crunch.
    • SSC1 - ALL orders placed now are pre-orders. Sport and Pro power varieties are slated to begin shipping in August. SAE/Fog selections are set to ship in September. Please be cognizant of this when placing your order.

DMOS aka "Do My Own Shit" - Any order for a Delta Shovel placed between now and July 8 will be eligible for a FREE Red Label Backpack Bag

  • To Claim:
    • Purchase either a Delta Shovel OR Delta Pro Shovel through Hotshot Offroad (FOUND HERE) .
    • Email your order number and selection of either a Black or a Woodland Camo bag to and we will get it added to your order as a FREE item ($80 value).
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