Universal HitchPod S1 Harness

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Make your HitchPod or other Baja Designs products completely plug-and-play! 

All you will need to do to install this harness is unplug your OEM 7-pin trailer connection from the back and snap this harness in! You'll route the lead down to the S1 and you are DONE! The S1 will turn on when your vehicle is placed into reverse as a backup supplement.

This harness has been verified to install on multiple different vehicles without error including: Toyota trucks, Ford Trucks, Jeep trucks and SUVs, Lexus SUVs, Nissan trucks, Ram Trucks. 


WHEN WILL THE S1 TURN ON WITH THIS HARNESS? This universal harness is setup to be a reverse supplement. Your S1/Hitchpod will turn on when the vehicle is placed into reverse.

WILL THIS FIT YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle is equipped with a standard 7/4 pin trailer connection, then YES! Our harness plugs in behind that connector and inline with your current trailer wiring. Additionally, the harness has been designed such that it can be bent to fit into tighter clearance locations. Please reach out to us if you have additional questions and we can help determine fitment. 

HOW WILL THIS IMPACT TOWING? Since our harness plugs inline with existing wiring there will be no impact to existing trailer connections. This harness works as a pass-through for all signals aside from the reverse signal. PLEASE ALWAYS VERIFY ALL FUNCTIONS WORK PROPERLY BEFORE EMBARKING WITH TRAILER CONNECTED.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I HAVE TO UNINSTALL THE HITCHPOD AND INSTALL A BALL? DO I HAVE TO UNINSTALL THIS HARNESS AS WELL? NO! We will include a sealed cap that will snap onto the end that is left disconnected after pulling out the HitchPod. You can either zip-tie the sealed connection up and away underneath the vehicle or alternatively the cap will have a strong magnet on it to be able to snap onto your frame. 

WILL THIS HARNESS WORK WITH OTHER LIGHTS BESIDES THE S1? It sure can! While this harness is designed around/tested on the Baja Designs S1 it could certainly power something like a Baja Designs S2 that is flush-mounted in a bumper, for example. The light to be used would need to use a 2-pin weatherpack connector, or the connectors would need to be changed.  The primary lead in the harness that is being tapped is a 12AWG, and the lead going down to the weatherpack connector is 18AWG.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Victor McLellan
Super easy install

Great product, light is super bright and the plug and play harness makes it a no brainer!!

2014 Raptor - Highly Recommend

Such a simple design, but exactly what I wanted. Looks as good if not better than an OEM part, you can tell it's high quality. Bought this, two Baja Designs S1s and a Baja Designs wiring harness from Hotshot Offroad and mounted under the bumper of my Raptor. As others have mentioned, this is truly plug-n-play. The guys at Hotshot Offroad were great to work with too. Customer service was awesome - quick to reply to my email questions and even gave me a follow up call to make sure I got what I ordered. Stop thinking about it and just buy it, you won't regret it!

Appreciate the words Jimmy! Your support has been greatly appreciated. Glad to hear that everything worked out as well!

Great solution

I modified the harness to power a pair of Diode Dynamics SSC1 flush mounted lights with red backlighting on my 2021 Bronco. It made it plug and play and is good quality.

We appreciate you giving our harness a chance, and glad to hear that it wasn't too bad to retrofit for your use!

B Mann
2019 Tundra success!

This thing is slick! SO simple in design and production but such an elegant solution to getting more light in reverse! Having already tried the LED upgrade bulb avenue with mild success/improvement, I still wanted more. I was looking at in-bumper options then saw the pre-production teaser for this and jumped when they finalized it and offered it - couldn't be happier!
It took me all of 20mins to install after I found my 5/8in drill bit. Just line up the pod in your hitch, mark it for your hitch pin hole location, drill it out (I have a beefy stainless locking hitch pin so 5/8in was my jam), install the light (BEFORE THE PIN GOES IN), then route the lock pin through the pod (avoiding the wires) and you're done.
Looks super clean and is VERY bright! *Note, I chose the S1 White Work/Scene lighting option.
Just waiting for them to come up with a solution for my 4-pin Highlander now! THANK YOU HOTSHOT!

Thank you for the great review! Much appreciated!

Truly plug n play! Made hitchpod install on 4Runner easy!

Excellent product. Premium construction and quality. Looks like OEM if not better! This made the install of the hitchpod on my 2021 4Runner truly plug-n-play. Thank you hotshot off-road for making a superb product.

Thank you for the review Jon! We're glad to hear that everything worked out well!


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