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6112/5160 Lift Kit | 07-21 Tundra

The team at Hotshot are excellent to work with. They took the time to chat with me on the exact setup I was looking for and explained all the pros/cons to help me ultimately decide on the Bilstein 6112/5160 kit with the coachbuilder shackles. The parts came extremely fast and the assembly on the front shocks/springs was top notch. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a shop to order parts.. I will be using them on future purchases.

Awesome Lights

Don't know how I managed before I bought these. They are so much better than stock. Wish I had upgraded years ago!

2Banger HXB LED Pods
Troy Richards
2Banger lights

Extremely happy with these lights and with Hotsot Offroad. My questions were answered in a timely manner and the lights were sent out promptly as well.

S&D - Diode Dynamics SSC2 Standard Sport White Combo - Amber Backlit
Tom Warda
Small size, big power

I purchased a pair of Diode Dynamics SSC2 Sport (combo pattern) lights to use as auxiliary backup lighting on my 2021 Toyota 4Runner. I already have DD SS3 Max fogs and SS5 Pro spot pattern driving lights up front and wanted the same quality lighting facing rearward.

The 5th generation 4Runner has two perfectly located mounting locations in the rear bumper cover on either side of the trailer hitch. I then hard wired the SSC2's to the reverse light circuit near the driver side taillight. Aimed dead level, the output is amazing. I couldn't ask for anything more. And if these hold up anything like all of my other DD lights, they'll be around for a very long time.

5100 with 2885 springs

Great shocks. The truck has less body roll in corners and no nose dive when braking. Definitely feels more planned and ride is not harsh. Gained 1.5” of lift.

Icon aal

Fast shipping and packaging nicely

RXT paired with Bilstein 5100/5125

Colton at Hotshot was a huge help with my suspension choice and took the time for both a phone call and emails.
Have the RXT’s on option 2 with just under 3” rear lift. Now I can actual haul stuff without bouncing off the bump stops. Paired with the Bilsteins and OME 2885 there’s less body roll when cornering and nose dive when braking.
I agonized over option 1 or 2. I’m with an empty bed 90% and with my setup the ride is stiffer but not jarring. I equate it to riding in a sports car like my son’s WRX, maybe a tad softer. Very glad I went with option 2. Great setup for the truck which serves as my daily driver.

Amazing output

I live out by the desert here just south of Phoenix. Doing night time desert running a powerful light source is a must. These SS5 Pro are the perfect amount of output for my application. Doing high speed desert runs is made much easier with these bad boys. Hotshot offroads communication was on point and delivery was stellar. Awesome product offered by a great company.

Hotshot is the best

These guys are so helpful every time I call and are spot on with their suggestions. I put these pods on a skid steer with a snowblower to replace the halogens and it was like taking off a blindfold. So much more usable light!

Amazing Upgrade

I came across this tail light setup while looking for aftermarket tail light housings for my 2018 Tundra, but I wanted the most reliable and high output tail light setup one can get.

After stumbling on the hottails thread on forum, I was sold. The customer service and product are phenomenal. The install was engineered to be dummy proof, which I appreciated. I love the new configuration. Having really bright amber turn signals really help distinguish between whether one is braking or signaling a lane change, bright brake lights get people's attention day and night, and the reverse bulbs light everything up at night. The upgrade is totally worth doing.

Very pleased

Great prices with great customer service 👍

Outstanding company

Just an all around excellent company to do business with. Don’t think twice about being a customer. Great people!

Great lights

Kits fits perfect, LED modules are metal, and seem good quality. Bulb adapter and harness was all very good and fit well.

Super easy install

Great product, light is super bright and the plug and play harness makes it a no brainer!!

Light it up

Are you ready to buy those aftermarket lights you’ve been eyeballin in your cart for months? Do you need that extra push from an industry pro to ensure the fitment, and application are all correct? Look no further than Colton at HotshotOffroad. He is the guy I go to before making those purchases. You should too!
As a retailer for Diode Dynamics, I know he will have the right parts, the right price, and the fastest shipping to make sure my truck is lighting the way on those trails.

Overall very happy

Got my new Form headlights for my 2020 Tundra and found them to fit an function exactly as expected. I had some issues with the adjustment of one of the lights, but this is more a function of the truck design and not the product. But overall, I have been pleased with the lights.

The customer service was excellent from Hotshot. As for the customer service. I had a credit card problem with my order and they helped me resolve it, stayed in touch with me through the process, giving me updates, and ultimately resolved it for me. Super happy with my experience dealing with them and wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

Great Service

Found this company on the forum as they are very active. Service was great, price was great and will definitely use again.

Awesome job!

Worth it?

It’s bright to say the least! Is it worth the money that’s in the eye of the holder lol. The pros I have do a great job and probably plenty for most, BUT the ss5 has that extra punch I’m looking for! Long distance in a big package is where this is at!

Fast shipping, amazing product

Ultra fast shipping, and the light output is much much brighter. Definitely has a more aggressive look! 10/10 do recommend

Rock solid, great mounting system, well built

I just finished installing this yesterday. Props to HotShot for answering a last minute technical question almost immediately - that's customer service! I'm super happy with this rack, and of all the ones I've looked at, I'm glad the team at HotShot steered me this direction. The mounting design will allow this rack to be removed if needed and leaves only the rivet bases in place (no gaping holes in the roof of the truck). Now I just need to load it up with gear.

A few comments/notes regarding the installation instructions that I downloaded: They list (42) 1/4" flat washers when in reality there are (36) 1/4" BLACK flat washers and (8) 1/4" STAINLESS flat washers. Additionally, there are (8) M8 flat washers that are not listed in the instructions. They do not mention needing a 13mm wrench, but you will need that for installing the M8 bolts that attach the mount brackets to the rivet bases.

Finally, the detailed instructions state to drill a 13/64" hole, while the list of needed parts lists a 3/16" drill bit. I would recommend using the 3/16" drill bit because you will likely end up just a little bit sloppy during the drilling process (it is an awkward position standing on a ladder and trying to drill cleanly) - the rivets will fit snug with the 3/16" hole and you'll have a good solid connection. I would recommend leaving the rivet bases in place when drilling the holes because even with a good center punch it was difficult to perfectly align the holes with how the bases fit into the gutter - having them in place made a much better drill guide. I also used a wood block as my drill stop (sized the correct thickness to allow my drill bit to only extend the length of the rivet body) and that came in handy for tapping the rivets into place as well since things were just snug enough.

Oh, and one last thing - the FRONT holes of the REAR rivet bases will encounter two layers of metal that you will drill through. All the other holes only go through one layer, and that was the reason for my last minute question to HotShot in the middle of the installation.

Amazing Product, amazing customer support.

I discovered these on a Tundra forum. Read through the thread and still had questions. I DM the owner on the forum and he was more than happy to answer any questions I had about the lights or the install. It's hard to find good customer service like this anymore !!
On to the lights, easy install, hardest part is taking the tail lights off, but that's not his fault, it's how Toyota engineered it. There are a couple of good videos out on how to remove them without breaking the factory placement pins.

The lights look amazing!! It should have been like this from the factory. I think my favorite part is the switchback turn/backup light. Never made sense from the factory to have only the bottom red portion be brake lights, and not super bright at that.

If you're on the fence about these, get them. The custom harness makes install virtually fool proof. The VLED bulbs are high quality and look amazing.

Can't recommend these lights or this company enough!!! 10/10

They know their products better than any other dealer!

We ordered parts for our Paramedic Rescue Vehicle and Colton handled everything promptly and everything arrived in a timely manner. I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS STORE.

Icon expansion leaf pack

Easy install and paired well with Bilstein shocks.

Great company, good people, great products

I purchased a set of Bilstein 6112/5160 shocks. In my opinion I got a great price for a set of fully assembled front shocks and rear matching shocks. The service from this company is excellent. The answers to any questions about the shocks or your order is only a phone call away. I would recommend this company and these shocks to anyone looking to upgrade from their factory original shocks.

6112/5160 Bilstein shocks

Perfect combination for my needs. Colton was excellent at answering my questions.


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