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I hate it when companies ask for feedback on products just days or weeks after I’ve purchased them. How on earth would I know about durability, longevity and build quality after such a short period!!!

Hotshot Offroad - Bilstein 6112/5160 Kit

Another great transaction with Hotshot. Colton was patient with me and helped me to make a good decision based on my needs. Thanks again!

Great customer service from Hotshot

Ordered the Bilstein6112/5160 lift and front Durobumps lfrom Hotshot. Got a call the same day straight from Colton that the front had gone out of stock with an ETA of about 3 weeks out. Got a follow up call 2 weeks later that they were in, assembled to the requested height, and would be shipping out that day. Finally got it installed and got the alignment touched up, and I’m very happy that I went this route. My Tacoma looks great and drives awesome. Also very happy with the service from Hotshot Offroad.

Solid Product

Received the Revolver and completed install in roughly 45 minutes by myself. Most difficult part was climbing underneath and hand tightening the unit to the mounts. Just a little difficult based on the "knob" size.

Solid fit, back end has a slight cap but seems normal and so far has sealed with no issues.

Best Customer Service!

When i ordered several parts at once, i didn't double check many of the fine details. The team at hotshot called ahead and walked through the parts to verify as there were some mismatchs for models/years. After getting everything, there was one part (headlights) that were for the same year but different model (19 Ff150 vs 19 Raptor, different front ends). No issue for Hotshot, they swapped out the parts and and helped walk through the install process and my A-pillars. Never shopping anywhere else.

Holy Spit these things are awesome

These went on my 2020 DC 4x4 Tundra and HOLY COW they rock!! I switched over from 5100’s on top clip up front and stock shocks in the rear to this kit + Icon RXT leafs and it feels to my monkey brain like a long travel setup. Insane difference. I don’t have my sway bar installed and it is very very floaty on road to the point I am thinking about putting my FSB back on, but the second the truck leaves the pavement it just feels like your floating over everything. Truly an awesome suspension. Would take over Fox 2.5’s all day every day.

Stage Series SS3 LED Light - MAX

Heavy Duty Wiring Harness - 4-pin w/ 3-way switch

Excellent pre-install work Colton!

The 6112 shock bolts on top and bottom lined up perfectly, the part number on the spring was set so you can see it when the setup was installed on the truck. Also labeled which was driver/passenger side setup.
Super clean work, thank you!!

Great kit!

I’m one of those who wanted a front-end level on my 2023 F150 FX4, but was really concerned about gaining a “harsh” ride in the process. I spent way too many hours researching strut spacers and coilover kits, trying to decide which route to go and hoping to not get it wrong. For what it’s worth, I like the comfortable ride the FX4 struts and shocks provide, but they are a little too “boat-like” and induce too much body-roll while cornering to be perfect. I finally pulled the trigger on the Eibach Pro Truck Stage 2R kit after all my reading and research due to the fact that many reviewers rank it right in the middle in terms of firm to comfortable ride. I have not installed the rears, yet, but I have around 400 miles on the front coilovers and this is what I’ve learned.

I’m pretty mechanically inclined, but have never worked on front suspension components. That said, the install wasn’t bad. The hardest part was removing the factory struts since the lower control arm bolts are fixed to the strut. I had to completely remove the front axle nuts to get enough play in the lower assembly to facilitate removal. This wasn’t a big deal, though. Reassembly was much easier utilizing Eibach’s new hardware. Once everything was installed and buttoned back up, I found that I gained 3” of front-end lift with the Eibach threaded collars left in the factory installed positions. My truck had 3.5” of rake from the factory. I drove the truck with the springs in this position for a day. The ride was a bit rough with the springs in this position. Next day, I unscrewed the collars to drop the front end to 2” of overall lift, which is what I was going for. I was able to do this with the wheels on the truck using a hydraulic floor jack to take the truck’s weight off the springs. My alignment was out of whack from this work, so I took the truck in to get it corrected.

Once I got the lift dialed in to 2” over factory and I had my front end alignment corrected, these coilovers are pretty dang impressive. I would describe it as a more controlled factory-like ride. The truck is a joy to drive now. I’m excited to see what the addition of the rear shocks will do. This kit is an absolute upgrade to the factory suspension!

Massive improvement over stock.

Smooth, comfortable ride.

Outstanding customer service from Hot Shot Off-Road.

Great service!

Great service. I wasn't sure what I wanted and was able to discuss this with no pressure. Would happily recommend doing business with them!

Icon UCA

Billet UCA is perfect for the tundra and Hotshot couldn’t be easier to deal with!

Boing boing boing

These are genuine Eibach springs and they will make your Taco bounce. Boing boing boing!

Top notch product

These are bright, running, brake and turn signals far outshine factory bulbs. Definitely gives a custom look while utilizing the factory housing. The plug and play wiring that is included is foolproof. Thank you for such a great product and the updates on delivery.


I recently purchased the Bilstein coilover setup for a '23 F-150. Order was processed promptly and arrived well packaged and on time. Customer service was excellent. Colton answered all questions asked.
I would not hesitate to purchase again from Hotshot Offroad.

Bham, Al.

Great guys to work with!!! They are there to help and make sure you get everything you need for correct fitment. Fastest shipping youll ever find these guys are on top of it! Will be ordering all my pickup parts from them from here on out!


These things are great! Plus as ditch lights they match my DD fogs. Shipping was quick, the ordering process was simple with great communication all the way! The Hotshot Offroad team is Top Notch!

Hotshot Offroad

Colton, with Hotshot Offroad is hands down one of the best. Hotshot has been prompt on everything they do and truly care about the customer. Myself, have been to Colton several times and have not been far from being disappointed, hands down the best !!!

Best Tail Lamp upgrade

I replaced aftermarket LED bulbs from a competitor with the HotTails kit. Absolutely worth the upgrade! All parts are perfectly executed and of the highest quality. The tail lamps now perform as they should have from the factory. Extremely pleased w/ this product.

They work

Colton got me the correct parts I needed.

Amazing Product..

Excellent help.

Colton always gets me the correct parts I need, and gets them out quickly!

I pay you, you give me my product. End of transaction.

I'm so fucking tired of you do nothing know nothing drop shippers. I provided you with money and you provided me with a product. End of transaction. Nothing is free in this corporatocracy we call America. So if you want a review. Fuck you, pay me.

Great service

Great customer service and great fast delivery. Would recommend.


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