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Simply put... Stock Sucks. Dramatically improve taillight visibility to other motorists, step up to the instant on/off of LED, and change how your taillights function!

Option A:

  • Upper and lower portion of taillight function as both parking as well as brake lights
    • Upper portion is VLEDS V6 Extreme bulb, and lower is VLEDS V6 Triton
  • Reverse/Clear section of housing is now converted to do both white reverse and amber turn signal functions from the same area 
    • VLEDS V6 Triton Switchback is used (900 Lumen reverse + 500 Lumen amber turn) - We recommend 5000k output as it is the most crisp/white color with no hints of blue.
  • Fully Plug-and-play - No splicing of OEM hardware and fully weather-sealed connections
    • Bulbs will come to you already assembled for your housing so you won't have to mess with VLEDS screws or gaskets


Option B:
**Please note that Option B is only available for towing package equipped vehicles (which will be most on the road) as it draws signal from the OEM 7-pin wiring plug.**
  • Upper and lower portion of taillight function as parking lights, brake lights, AND turn signals.
    • Upper portion is VLEDS V6 Extreme bulb, and lower is VLEDS V6 Triton
  • Turn signal will override brake input for OEM-like functionality!
  • Fully Plug-and-play - No splicing of OEM hardware and fully weather-sealed connections
    • Bulbs will come to you already assembled for your housing so you won't have to mess with VLEDS screws or gaskets

What's in the Box:

  • VLEDS bulbs 
    • These bulbs have all been assembled by HSO with the right collars and gaskets to ease installation. Due to the size differences between each bulb after assembly it should be pretty straightforward as to which bulb goes in which hole as they are all different.
  • 2 sets of HotTails harnesses 
  • 2 VLEDS VLR-15 resistors to eliminate hyperflash. These will screw inline between new and existing equipment so they can be installed without any splicing.


  • Pulling taillight is via a T30 Torx bit and a little bit of muscle. Open tailgate and take the 2 T30 Torx bolts out from the inside of each taillight. Pull the taillight housing away from the vehicle to the SIDE. Tundra locking tabs go in from the sides so you'll need to pull the housing out to the side, and not the back of the truck.
  • Unplug all OEM plugs from the back of the existing bulbs in the vehicle. I recommend pulling the plugs off before pulling out the bulbs as it's just a little easier that way.
  • Remove all OEM bulbs by turning them 90 degrees to the left and then pulling them straight out.
  • VLEDS Bulbs
    • 921 Bulb goes in the top pocket of the taillight housing and is simply push in and turn 90 degrees. It will lock into place.
      • I included the other gasket options and the allen wrench in case you feel as though you need a different gasket, but you shouldn't.
    • Switchback bulb goes into the center section and turns 90 degrees locking into place.
    • V6 Triton Red bulb goes into the bottom section and turns 90ish degrees. It will require a little bit of force to push down and begin turning. This bulb WILL NOT lock into place. If you keep turning it will drop into the next opening and become loose again. I recommend turning it a little bit to where it is locked in there, turn the housing around, and look where the screw heads are seated. You'll want the screw heads to sit halfway across the little plastic tabs in the housing.
  • HotTails Harnesses
    • Since these are built to be plug-and-play there is only one way to install them on the plugs side. They are labelled to guide you to the proper way to install them on the bulb side as well. The harness with the 2 leads goes to the top and bottom bulb, and the harness with the single lead goes to the switchback in the middle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Phillips
Amazing Product, amazing customer support.

I discovered these on a Tundra forum. Read through the thread and still had questions. I DM the owner on the forum and he was more than happy to answer any questions I had about the lights or the install. It's hard to find good customer service like this anymore !!
On to the lights, easy install, hardest part is taking the tail lights off, but that's not his fault, it's how Toyota engineered it. There are a couple of good videos out on how to remove them without breaking the factory placement pins.

The lights look amazing!! It should have been like this from the factory. I think my favorite part is the switchback turn/backup light. Never made sense from the factory to have only the bottom red portion be brake lights, and not super bright at that.

If you're on the fence about these, get them. The custom harness makes install virtually fool proof. The VLED bulbs are high quality and look amazing.

Can't recommend these lights or this company enough!!! 10/10

Awesome set up!

The PnP harness that comes with this kit makes install a breeze. Fantastic customer service if you have questions. Don’t hesitate if you are thinking about it, it’s worth it!

Kenneth Manlief
Hot Tails with smoked lens on 2020 Tundra

I paired the Hot Tails Option A with Extreme Terrain OEM style smoked tail light lenses. These Hot Tails work well in both daylight and night time conditions. They are easily installed.

Robert Kay
Excellent taillights

Couldn't me happier. Lights are super bright. Also very simple install. Highly recommend.

Ken Meidinger
Great Improvement !!! So much better than stock.

I didn't realize how bad the stock tail lights were, untill on a winter night on the highway a Tundra passed us and I commented to my wife as he drove away from us how you could hardly see his taillights. I was thinking back to the time the guy just about hit us from behind.

I looked at solutions, new tail lights, and a rear light bar, but I didn't like the options. When I found Hottails, I bought them.

They are great !! Super bright !! Easy to install. The harnesses are plug and play.

Now top and bottom are bright red. Instead of just the top or bottom, and signal is a separate yellow light. This is the way t should have been from the factory.

Thank you for the review Ken! We're happy to hear that you're enjoying the HotTails!


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