Morimoto August Promotions & Lower Headlight Pricing!


EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2022 - Morimoto has announced lower pricing on some of the most popular headlight housings, PLUS any XB LED headlight purchase will come with a FREE set of 4Banger pods! This includes universal pods, A-Pillar Kits, Fog Pocket kits, etc. There is no limitation on color, pattern, nor power level!**

  • 12-15 Tacoma XB Hybrid Headlights (white DRL) - Was $916.90 - Now $900 - LINK
  • 19+ Ranger XB LED Headlights - Was $1,431 - Now $1,350 - LINK
  • 14+ 4Runner XB LED Headlights (white DRL) - Was $1,404 - Now $1,300 - LINK
  • 16+ Tacoma XB LED Headlights (white DRL) - Was $1,431 - Now $1,150 - LINK
  • 16+ Tacoma XB LED Headlights (amber DRL) - Was $1,489 - Now $1,195 - LINK
  • 14-21 Tundra XB LED Headlights (white DRL) - Was $1,431 - Now $1,300 - LINK

LINK to 4Bangers Available

**Please do not add 4Bangers to cart. Upon purchase of a pair of XB headlights we will reach out to you via email to confirm your 4Banger selection!


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