Re-Launch Info

Welcome Back!

We have put a ton of hours in these past couple of weeks rebuilding the visual and functional aspects of the Hotshot Offroad website/experience and hopefully you are able to enjoy the changes as well!

Here are a few noteworthy changes to the site:

  • More Products - For those that have been working with us for some time this should not come as much of a surprise. For those that have known us as just the lighting people you will be pleasantly surprised to see that we offer everything from lighting, to suspension, to recovery and camping gear. We have been working to further expand our line card and product offerings, and have also been taking the time to make those products available to you with proper site integration! We want you to be able to easily find what you are looking for when you come here. **Please note that we still have thousands of products to get entered which we will address over the coming weeks. If there is something on your list that you think we may carry please reach out to us directly or continue to check back**

  • Frequently paired items - Did you know that Baja Designs lights don't automatically come with a wiring harness or that Baja offers security hardware for most of their lights? Or did you know that Dometic offers a protective cover for their fridges that also serves as an additional layer of insulation? We have added a new section where you can easily add some of the items that you were already going to pick up or maybe find something you didn't know existed! Don't worry... We won't hit you with any pesky pop-ups.

  • User Submitted Photos - Here's your chance to show off! Beneath each product's gallery there is now a customer gallery section where you can (and we strongly encourage you to) submit your installation, unboxing, product use photos to share with the world and to help others in their buying decisions!

  • Customer Reviews - At the bottom of each product page there will now be a section where you can submit reviews. Have a tip that could help the next guy with an install? Sharing a positive product experience? Constructive criticism of the product? This is what a review section is for! Let us know what you think!

What's Next?

  • Build Galleries - We want to give you an opportunity to show off your build! Do you have a full build sheet and some good pictures of your rig? We would love to showcase it! Please send us a message for details!

  • Product Discounts for Installs/Reviews - Do you have a passion for working on your vehicle, and are you willing to share your knowledge with others? We can help you get the parts that you need at reduced cost (sometimes even free) if you are willing to do a detailed review/install of the product! 


Our goal is to provide you with all of the parts you need for your build and the tools necessary to make educated decisions!

Please visit our Youtube Channel, and browse the Blog and Builds sections for educational materials. Please don't hesitate to Reach Out if you have questions or Need A Quote for parts that you don't see here!

more to offer

The products you see on this site are only our most popular offerings. We have thousands more products that we offer and stock, and will continue to move into the site. We can get them for you now though!

Please fill out our Custom Quote Form, and we will get you exactly what you are looking for!