BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back VR13


Product Sku: T009 TS-0223-1296

  • $244.95

  • Stronger than the factory eBOV
  • Billet aluminum construction
  • Uses plumb back venting system
  • Vents air back into air intake
  • Improves response & thermal performance

BOV that Fits with Aftermarket Intercoolers

Your 2019-2021 Ford Ranger EcoBoost needs flawless BOV operation no matter how much boost pressure your Ecoboost is spitting out, and the Turbosmart BOV Kompact EM Plumb Back VR13 gives that to you. Turbosmart's BOV Kompact operates just like your Ranger's weak factory BPV, but features a much sturdier construction to handle higher boost levels than the stock plastic bypass valve. Turbosmart's Plumb-Back BOV even fits onto aftermarket intercoolers. Just like its predecessor, the Turbosmart BOV Kompact drops right into place of the factory eBOV and comes with everything you need to get it up and running on your truck, all without throwing a CEL. The BOV is less prone to leakage, has rapid response and better thermal performance while handling much higher boost pressures than the stock eBOV, making it perfect for high-powered Ranger builds. Hybrid or large flowing turbos with OE electronic diverter valves will benefit from the lack of leakage; the turbo charger and wastegate will not be stressed by the EM achieving its target boost. The plumb back design also vents back into the air intake.

Billet Aluminum Construction with Drop-in Design

Each BOV and fitting is made out of CNC machined billet aluminum, which gives it greater strength and durability over the factory plastic eBOV. Just unplug and unbolt your OEM Blow-Off Valve, and install this product in its place. You can do this without adapters, hoses or extra assembly. You will retain OE control of the BOV's operation.


Fitment: 2019-2021 Ford Ranger 2.3L Ecoboost

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