Multi Rate Leaf Pack W/ Add-A-Leaf and Hardware | 2019+ Ranger


Product Sku: I001 198520A x2 & 91200H x1

  • $805.85

  • Full leaf springs with selectable ride heights
  • Smoother spring rate for improved ride
  • Can handle up to 600lbs of constant load at 0" ride height
  • Comes with full set of hardware and instructions
  • Direct drop-in replacements for stock

Adds Ride Height and Load-Bearing while Improving Handling and Load-Bearing

The stock leaf springs on the 2019-2021 Ford Rangers are a weak point, both when it comes to general handling and bearing constant loads. ICON's Multi-Rate Leaf Springs give you and your Ranger the ability to choose your own ride height and load-bearing capability while improving general rear-end handling and performance both on and off-road. ICON's Multi-Rate Leaf Springs come with an Add-a-Leaf and allow you to choose between three different lift heights and constant load settings so that your Ranger can handle everything from a bare bed to a full decked-out bed rack loaded down with overland gear and an RTT with a single part number. Just like all of ICON's suspension hardware, the ICON Multi-Rate Leaf Spring Kit for 2019-2021 Rangers were built to handle even the most aggressive off-road applications and were vigorously tested by ICON to ensure that they won't let you or your Ranger down.


This is a Complete Set of Leaf Springs with Full Set of Hardware. Parts included are:  198520A x2 and 91200H x1

The ICON Multi-Rate Leaf Springs were constructed using high-quality materials and were carefully designed to produce a smoother ride while still providing additional ride height and load support. The leaf packs feature a 35% lighter spring rate than stock that provides a much more pliant ride and a smooth range of motion throughout the entire leaf pack's range of travel. The included add-a-leaf allows you to set the ride height of the springs at .375", 1.125", or 2" or generate a 0" ride height with 350lbs or 600lbs of constant load. The leaf packs feature galvanized leaf separators that help reduce friction and improve corrosion resistance. The leaf tip inserts are greasable in order to reduce noise and improve ride quality. This package includes a full hardware back that includes new e-coated U-bolts and nuts, as well as anodized billet aluminum bump plates to prevent over-travel. The leaf packs install right into place of the stock leaf packs, and ICON includes install instructions.


Fitment: 2019-2021 Ford Ranger


Unloaded Ride Height Options:
  • Without Add-a-Leaf: .375"
  • Replace 3rd Spring with Add-a-Leaf: 1.125"
  • Add Add-a-Leaf Pack to Leafs: 2"

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