NOVA Series (Low Trim) LED Projector Headlights - Black | 2019+ Rav4


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Add On Converter (For Stock LED Reflector Headlights)



  • 19-21 Toyota Rav4 low trim with LED reflector headlights (no converter is needed)
  • 22-24 Toyota Rav4 low trim stock LED projector headlights with decorative trim and halogen turn signal (require converter for installation, please select from the Add-on dropdown options above)

* If you have a high trim Rav4, please visit these 19-24 Toyota Rav4 high trim black headlights and 19-24 Toyota Rav4 high trim alpha-black headlights to purchase.


Introducing our 5th gen Toyota RAV4 NOVA-Series headlights, meticulously crafted to complement the design of the 5th generation RAV4 facelift version, suitable for early 5th gen RAV4 models. These headlights are engineered to enhance both the uniqueness and performance of your RAV4.

At the heart of our 5th gen Toyota RAV4 NOVA-Series headlights are four patented 3D ice-cube projectors, meticulously integrated to provide unparalleled clarity and precision. Complementing these projectors is a top LED tube, serving dual functions as a Daytime Running Light (DRL) and a sequential turn signal light.

Customization is key, which is why our DRL functionality allows you to choose between a default white output or a distinctive amber output, catering to your individual preferences and style. Additionally, our headlights feature an activation light that illuminates as a running light when you unlock your RAV4, adding an elegant touch to your overall experience.

Functionality meets versatility, with all four projectors engaged for low beam illumination, ensuring optimal visibility in various driving conditions. The inner two projectors serve as dual beam lights, seamlessly transitioning to high beam output when activated, further enhancing your driving experience.

Not only do our 5th gen Toyota RAV4 NOVA-Series headlights deliver a subtle and sleek aesthetic upgrade to your 5th gen Toyota RAV4, but they also significantly enhance its performance, setting new standards in both style and functionality.

Headlights Technology

Discover the pinnacle of automotive innovation with AlphaRex's NOVA-Series LED headlights, featuring the revolutionary Ice Cube 3D projectors. Engineered with precision and powered by Osram Oslon Black Chip LEDs for low beam outputs and AlphaRex LUXX LEDs for dual beam outputs, these 5th gen Toyota RAV4 NOVA-Series Headlights embody AlphaRex's patented design for unparalleled performance and reliability. With a perfect projection cut-off line designed to meet American LHD regulations, our NOVA-Series headlights guarantee legal compliance. Experience stunning projections that meet DOT/SAE requirements, setting a new standard in automotive lighting.

Moreover, as the top series in our product line, the NOVA-Series boast all the essential lighting features, including activation light, sequential turn signal, and selectable white or amber DRL (for most newly developed NOVA headlights and MK II for earlier models). Elevate your 5th gen Toyota RAV4 with NOVA-Series headlights, delivering superior performance, quality, and a touch of sophistication that sets your vehicle apart on the road.

Light Feature

Activation light is a dynamic startup sequence that activates when you unlock your vehicle or start up your parking lights, depending on the product variant.

Sequential signal is a dynamic turn signal pattern that flows from one end to the other, providing clear indication of your intended turn direction.

Selectable White/Amber DRL (Daytime Running Light) offers the flexibility to choose between white LED or amber LED illumination for the light tube during both daytime and nighttime. The white DRL complements all vehicle colors, while the amber DRL adds an off-road or stylish aesthetic that pairs well with other lighting features. This versatile feature not only enhances the appearance of the headlights but also improves visibility, making it easier for vehicles in front to notice those behind them.

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