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HitchPod Combos


Here you'll find the S1 combo kits! Save money and time by purchasing the HitchPod and S1 together!

Transform your empty trailer hitch receiver into something functional!

Introducing the HitchPod. A universal rear light pod housing that will fit any 2" trailer receiver. Designed to hold a Baja Designs S1 (sold separately or available here in a combo). Specific use case is up to the end user, but some examples are a brighter reverse light, amber chase light, or even an auxiliary work light. Injection molded out of high strength ABS and made in USA.

**S1 Availability Notice - Supply chains have been impacted by the operating conditions over the past year, and as a result most product manufacturers are backed up including Baja Designs. We have a lot of S1s on hand now to allow for a strong launch of the HitchPod, but if you order a combination that is no longer in stock please allow up to 4-5 weeks for delivery. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated. 


  • Insert the HitchPod (with light removed) into your trailer hitch receiver.
  • Mark the side pin holes with a sharpie. These do NOT come pre-drilled because we have noticed the hitch pin depths vary between vehicles this way we can guarantee the pod will sit flush in your application.
  • Use a drill bit and drill both sides of the pod to the correct diameter for the hitch pin. (We suggest to use a step drill bit).
  • Install the Baja S1 light with the provided allen screws.
  • The last step is to wire the light. We leave this up to the customer to wire it to the function of their choice.

 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma plug-and-play harnesses available HERE. 

 What's in the Box:

  • MESO Customs HitchPod
  • Baja Designs S1 of your choosing
  • Female weatherpack connector kit to allow you to make your own harness
  • Universal bracket to allow you to mount this S1 traditionally if you wanted to in another application down the road

What's NOT included:

  • Hitch pin - We strongly recommend that you find a locking one, but we have not yet had the opportunity to test enough options to be able to recommend one currently.
  • Drill bit - The size needed will partly come down to the size of your hitch pin, but most hitch pins will be 5/8" diameter.