MESO Customs

The HitchPod

Transform your empty trailer hitch receiver into something functional!

Introducing the HitchPod. A universal rear light pod housing that will fit any 2" trailer receiver. Designed to hold a Baja Designs S1 (sold separately or available here in a combo). Specific use case is up to the end user, but some examples are a brighter reverse light, amber chase light, or even an auxiliary work light. Injection molded out of high strength ABS and made in USA.

MAKE IT A COMBO - Hotshot Offroad will be offering a HitchPod + S1 combo option. Purchasing in this variant will allow you to save over purchasing the two products individually! Get it HERE

**S1 Availability Notice - Supply chains have been impacted by the operating conditions over the past year, and as a result most product manufacturers are backed up including Baja Designs. We have a lot of S1s on hand now to allow for a strong launch of the HitchPod, but if you order a combination that is no longer in stock please allow up to 4-5 weeks for delivery. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated. 


  • Insert the HitchPod (with light removed) into your trailer hitch receiver.
  • Mark the side pin holes with a sharpie. These do NOT come pre-drilled because we have noticed the hitch pin depths vary between vehicles this way we can guarantee the pod will sit flush in your application.
  • Use a drill bit and drill both sides of the pod to the correct diameter for the hitch pin. (We suggest to use a step drill bit).
  • Install the Baja S1 light with the provided allen screws.
  • The last step is to wire the light. We leave this up to the customer to wire it to the function of their choice.

 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma plug-and-play harnesses available HERE

What's in the Box:

  • MESO Customs HitchPod

What's NOT included:

  • Baja Designs S1
  • Hitch pin - We strongly recommend that you find a locking one, but we have not yet had the opportunity to test enough options to be able to recommend one currently.
  • Drill bit - The size needed will partly come down to the size of your hitch pin, but most hitch pins will be 5/8" diameter.