Baja Designs Black Friday 23

Baja Designs is offering rebates from $50-$150 off of LED light pairs and light bars purchased between 11/24/23 - 11/27/23! 


LINK TO REBATE FORM FOR YOU - **Reminder - You will need a separate form for each qualifying product(s) purchased**

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    $50 Cash Back:

    S1 Series Pairs 
    S2 Sport Pairs 
    S2 Pro Pairs
    Squadron Sport Pairs
    Squadron Pro Pairs
    Squadron SAE Pairs
    XL Sport Pairs
    XL Pro Pairs
    RTL Light Bars

    *Any Vehicle specific kit that uses these lights is eligible

    $75 Cash Back:

    10-20" S8 Light Bars 
    10-20" OnX6 Light Bars
    XL80 Pairs
    XL Racer Pairs
    LP4 Pairs
    LP6 Pairs
    LP9 Pro Pairs
    LP9 Sport Pairs
    LP9 Racer Pairs
    *Any Vehicle specific kit that uses these lights is eligible

    $150 Cash Back:

    30-50" S8 Light Bars 
    30-50" OnX6 Light Bars
    30-50" OnX6 Racer Light Bars
    30-50" OnX6 Hybrid Light Bars
    30-50" OnX6 Laser Light Bars
    XL Laser Series Lights



    12-23 Tacoma / 14-21 Tundra

      • SAE/Squadron Fog Pocket Kit - HERE
    22+ Tundra - Full selection HERE
      • Dual S2 OEM Fog light replacement Kit - HERE
      • XL Ditch Light Kits - HERE
      • TRD Pro S8 Light Bar Kit - HERE
      • Lower Grille Light Bar Kit - HERE


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