Vee Port EM Plug-and-Play BOV | 21+ F150


Product Sku: T009 TS-0225-1001

  • $364.95

  • Aggressive VTA sound with hassle-free install
  • Drops into place of stock and uses stock connector
  • High-quality BOV kit that uses stock electronics
  • Electronically-actuated piston with high-speed solenoid
  • Billet aluminum body with black anodized finish
  • Extremely easy install

Awesome VTA Sound in a Drop-In, Plug-and-Play Installation

The stock eBOV on your 2013-2022 F150 3.5L or 2.7L EcoBoost may be fine for most folks, but if you want a hyper-aggressive VTA sound in a quality package with a plug-and-play install, you'll need Turbosmart's Vee Port EM BOV Kit. Unlike Turbosmart's earlier BOV kits, the Vee Port EM System drops right into place of your F150's stock eBOV and plugs right into the factory connector for the stock eBOV, meaning you no longer have to blank off the stock wiring with a resistor and add a boost reference line for a mechanical BOV. Despite dropping right into place of the stock eBOV, the Turbosmart Vee Port EM is a true vent-to-atmosphere (VTA) BOV that has an aggressive sound when you lift your foot off the throttle and features a high-quality construction that won't let you down when you add mods and tuning to increase boost pressure.

Hard Anodized Piston with High-Speed Solenoid in a Billet Aluminum Body

The Turbosmart Vee Port EM BOV uses an unique electronically-actuated valved that's housed in a billet aluminum body with a stock-style bayonet fitting that allows it to drop right into your stock or most aftermarket intercoolers. Each Turbosmart Vee Port is built around an Eletro-Mechanical valve that uses the OEM connector to receive signals directly from your truck's PCM and blow off your F150's boost pressure to the atmosphere in an aggressive VTA sound. The Vee Port features a hard-anodized 38mm piston that's actuated by a high-speed solenoid. Each Turbosmart BOV features a positive mechanical seal to hold boost and handle higher pressures over time than the stock eBOV. The Turbosmart Vee Port BOV features a billet aluminum body with a black anodized finish that gives is a great look and high levels of strength. The BOV easily installs in place of your stock BOV and plugs right into your F150's BOV connector with no additional hardware or air lines.


  • 2013-2022 F150 3.5L EcoBoost
  • 2015-2022 F150 2.7L EcoBoost
  • 2017-2022 Raptor HO 3.5L EcoBoost


May not work with some aftermarket intercoolers: due to this BOV using an L-bracket for bolting to the stock intercooler, any intercooler that uses a separate bracket for adapting the stock BOV to a new mounting location may have a fitment conflict. You may need to fabricate your own bracket for proper fitment. This BOV will not work with the AMS Intercooler, due to the AMS unit requiring the use of the stock eBOV solenoid assembly.

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